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I’m new here. | May 12, 2010

Hi, I’m the new guy in New England.

I transplanted from Middle of Nowhere, PA to work for the New Haven Register. And I am already brimmed with questions about my new humble abode.

Like, what has to be the first place I duck into for a brew downtown? And why do you people call this place Elm City when it already has a perfectly good name like New Haven? (Is Elm only a small area of New Haven? Or is it a hip pseudo name thing that only you chic scenesters call it? What gives?) And why does parking downtown cost what I’d pay for a small household pet?

And why does Orange have the coolest town slogan I’ve ever heard – “Orange has appeal”?

But, I’d like to get my introduction out of the way before I get all ranty, ravey, and informed. So let me take a step back to talk about the fabric this blog is really meant to weave.

Through New In New Haven, I hope to foster an engaging forum where we all can learn, explore and share the experience of getting to know you, New Haven. I’m certainly not the first, nor the last pilgrim to end up clueless in these waters. So my hope is that this blog becomes something of a resource for any and all who are, and will be, new to New Haven.

How do we get there? Tell me what I can’t find out via Wikipedia or a tour guide. Steer me to your favorite corner little coffee shops and eateries that nobody knows about, and the must-hear local musicians that aren’t getting due recognition. (I’m a total music dweeb.) What’s the best (see also: cheapest) place to peruse used CD’s and vinyl? What adventurous things can we do around here? Kayaking? Hiking? Cliff-jumping? Blind-folded fencing? Sweet, serene places to go for a morning jog? Local celebrities? Faux-pas? All that.

Not asking you to sound off on this first post, we’ll get to all those topics in due time.

What I’m saying is, show me your undergound. Show me New Haven’s gold and diamonds. Share your treasures.

A little bit about where I come from:

  • We didn’t care about the Yanks, or the Sox. Or the Mets? (Go Phils!)
  • We had WaWa and Sheetz. You don’t.
  • We couldn’t buy beer in the grocery store.
  • We were surrounded by a ring of burnt out coal and industrial towns.
  • It was acceptable for our children to skip school on the first day of hunting season.
  • Our mothers made incredible homemade meals, often with heaps of butter.
  • An alarming amount of businesses still don’t have web sites.
  • There are hoards of shopping centers, but even more corn fields.
  • I could fill my gas tank up with less than $20.
  • The people were good people.

And so, this is a whole new world to me and I’m pretty excited to learn about it. I’m looking for you, New Haven, to show me the way.


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  1. Hi Chirs! Glad to hear you are settling in. Can’t wait to hear more news about your exciting adventure in New Haven.

    Comment by Pat McKelvey — May 13, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

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    Who’s the new guy?

    Chris March, a twenty-something music geek packed up his things and moved to New Haven, Ct from suburban Pa to join the online team at the New Haven Register.

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