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If you’re new to New Haven, Sovereign Bank hates you. | May 31, 2010

I didn’t think my first New Haven brawl would be with the bank I’ve been loyal to my entire life. Looks like I need to check myself. Get it? Check.. nevermind.

But the fact of the matter is this. If you’re a Sovereign Bank customer from say, Pennsylvania, and you want to move to New Haven (or any where in New England actually),  guess what? Your account is as good as dog poop to the Sovereign Banks here.

What’s that you say? It’s the same company with the same logo, the same colors, the same everything from where you’re coming from?

I thought the same thing too, but when I called to have my address changed – I was told I needed EVERYTHING changed. Which is hell on earth for me right now, because now I’m scrambling to get all my money in the right places for all the checks I just signed to pay off my rent and bills for moving in.

And 0n a holiday weekend, no less, when transactions take even longer! And I don’t like ending sentences in exclamation points! I’m mad, Sovereign. Real mad.

And after all these years together, you must know I don’t get mad. I mean, you’ve been a part of my life for so many, many years. You know which toothpaste I use. You know where I took all my girlfriends on dates. You’ve met my mother. How could you violate our bond like this?

Though, I must admit the poetic irony of a bank called Sovereign that seems to lack any semblance of it’s own sovereignty is what has been helping me sleep at night.

But it didn’t end with having to close and open new bank accounts. No. That was the easy part. Then, as it turns out, my online banking and telephone banking are locked out because of my opening these different accounts.You have no idea how many times I had to “verify” my identity over the phone this past week.

AND the least they could do is service me the $150 gift card promotion they have going on, where you get a $150 gift card for opening a new account and using your new card 6 times. I opened a new account, and I’ll obviously use it. But noooooo, I’m already a customer of the company so I don’t qualify. Well you know what Sovereign? I’m looking for a new bank to account my money with, and you don’t qualify either. I want a bank that doesn’t discriminate which state I’m from. And this bums me out, because I really dig the whole red thing you got going on. Shouldn’t I be rewarded for wanting to stick with you when moving to New Haven? FAIL.

Which brings me to the real point of this post. New Haveners. What, in your valued opinion, is the best bank around here? A bank with plentiful locations and ATM’s gets major points, another con that made New Haven’s branch of Sovereign super weak.

And for fun, see what others have to say about Sovereign’s suckage. There’s even a Facebook group.


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