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BEER RUN: Best beer distributor in New Haven?

June 16, 2010

Okay, this one is important. Way more important than where to get a stinkin’ pizza.

Where do I go around here to stock up on beer?

When I first moved here, I had to satisfy my curiosity and buy my beer from the grocery store. Because we couldn’t do that in Pa. And yes, I’m that easily amused.

I’ve had a couple good brews on tap around here of course, namely downtown at Bar and Prime 16. But now it’s time to stockpile. What’s good? Tell me.

Obviously, I have SEEN beer distributors around. They aren’t in shortage. But rather than stopping in each random one or picking Google’s mind on the topic – I want you to show me the pulse.

Now, there are two things that can make a beer distributor a GOOD beer distributor.

1. variety. a wide selection from off the beaten path. or basically, a distributor run by people who like beer.

2. deals. places with good deals on good selections.



    Who’s the new guy?

    Chris March, a twenty-something music geek packed up his things and moved to New Haven, Ct from suburban Pa to join the online team at the New Haven Register.

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