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What’s the best haven in New Haven?

May 14, 2010

Where's your fav. Haven?

First things first. Gotta find a place to hang your hat before you can even think about where you’re wearing it out to. So tell me, New Haven aficionados, what’s the best place to live here in New Haven?

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a loaded question. The best places to live in the region may not be at all financially obtainable; certainly not for a scrappy little punk like me. But that doesn’t bar the possibility that we can find a cheap garage loft that some wealthy McMansion family might be willing to rent out for cheap to a college kid who’s willing to do some indentured landscaping.

So instead, how about the New Havenites sound off in the comments about where they have lived in the area. What made it so special, and what nagging little aches about it had you counting down the days till your lease was up?

For a person like me (mid-twenty something moving to the area for full time work), a town house apartment in Fair Haven Heights is the place I was looking to get started.

Read on for more about my new haven in Fair Haven Heights. (more…)


    Who’s the new guy?

    Chris March, a twenty-something music geek packed up his things and moved to New Haven, Ct from suburban Pa to join the online team at the New Haven Register.

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