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PHOTOBLOG: First few weeks in New Haven

May 31, 2010

WARM WELCOME: Welcome Street, Fair Haven Heights

Claire's Corner Copia: Downtown's sweetest vegan spot. Thanks for lunch, Ed.

Sally's: Dropped out of line after half hour wait..couldn't miss LOST finale.

THE BEACON: Lighthouse Point

Nothing special. Something about checkered floors and chucks makes me want to take pictures. That's all.

Oh, and hi. I'm Chris. Need a kayak here @ West Haven Boat Ramp.


My first New Haven pizza: Modern Apizza

May 20, 2010

Your pizza ain't burnt. That'sa tha'way New Haven does apizza.

Not unlike Philly and it’s trademark cheese steaks; I learned pretty quickly that New Haven has no shortage of places for their trademark “apizza.”

Just about everyone here in New Haven has a different joint to point you to – but the holy trinity of legend for New Haven’s pizza scene are the originals: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana on Wooster, Sally’s Apizza on Wooster, and Modern Apizza on State Street. It used to be Pepe’s vs. Sally’s… but Modern has snuck it’s way into the conversation through the years.

And apparently, choosing one or the other is like choosing good or evil. Leno or CoCo. Pepsi or Coke. The Stones or The Beatles. Sox or the Yanks. Cats or dogs… Mass. hysteria.


    Who’s the new guy?

    Chris March, a twenty-something music geek packed up his things and moved to New Haven, Ct from suburban Pa to join the online team at the New Haven Register.

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